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About us

The European Interfaith Youth Network (hereinafter EIYN) is active in organizing a specific contribution of younger people for the peaceful coexistence in Europe and in strengthening the role of young people in the religious communities.


European Interfaith Youth Network (EIYN) serves as a platform aimed at bringing together youth organizations and communities from all religions present in Europe, advancing common action for peace.

Objectives are:

  • Promoting cooperation and interfaith dialogue between youth of different faiths from across Europe
  • Serving as a platform aimed at bringing together youth organizations and communities from all religions present in Europe, advancing common action for peace.
  • Uphold true essence of religions and common values as a mean to advance justice, peace and harmony.
  • Strengthening and mobilizing faith-based and inter-religious youth communities across Europe to live together in peace and mutual appreciation.

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EIYN has been active in leading a programme tackling Hate speech in Europe.

Since 2020 EIYN has been working on a series of projects and campaigns, including the Speech for Change project in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania. This work has been led by delivery partner Youth for Peace Bosnia.

And since 2021 we have been working with partners UNICEF European office and the University of Winchester (Centre of Religion, Reconciliation and Peace) to support research and develop resources to tackle online hate speech against migrants and refugees, specifically through engaging young people and networks of faith. This project is currently being piloted in Italy, Bulgaria and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

EIYN members are also supporting the Metropolitan Regions project which seeks to bring together Religious actors and government representatives to learn about effective cooperation for peace and security in diverse Cities.

Daniel Eror (President of EIYN)

Daniel Eror was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, obtained formal education at University of Sarajevo, Master studies of Economy and Management, with a focus on Human Resources as well as Master program of Interreligious studies and Peacebuilding at Faculty of Catholic Theology Sarajevo, The Faculty of Islamic Studies Sarajevo and Faculty of Orthodox Theology Vasilije Ostroski Foča.

Active member of civil society, with 15 years of progressive experience in the field of intercultural dialogue, reconciliation and peacebuilding mainly working with young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as abroad.

He is a founder and president of Youth for Peace, organization which positioned itself as one of the most prominent youth-led organizations in BiH, working in field of peacebuilding. Active member of United Religions Initiative network for several years and URI Global Council Trustee and URI Europe Treasurer since 2018. In Religions for Peace Europe serves as a co-president of the Organization.

He is certified trainer for work with youth, with expertise in the field of conflict transformation, dealing with past, human rights and discrimination.

Lejla Hasandedic

Lejla Hasandedic-Dapo is a psychologist, psychotherapist, lecturer, activist, peacebuilder, and volunteer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently she is doing her PhD in psychology at Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, in Turkey. She is working as United Religions Initiative (URI) Europe CC Liaison Officer. She is co-founder of Youth for Peace, vice-president of EIYN (European Interfaith Youth Network) and Board member of Religions for Peace Europe. Also she is a Non-violent communication trainer, Learning to Live Together (Arigatou International) trainer, she holds a Diploma in Islamic studies from the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and she is Peace Practice Alliance (Euphrates Institute) and KAICIID fellow. Her area of work and interest are transgenerational transmission of trauma and resilience, peace education, interreligious dialogue, and conflict transformation.

Natia Tsintsadze

Natia Tsintsadze is Executive for the Europe region of the World Student Christian Federation and Programme Director for Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation. She is responsible for the overall management of the organisation, advancing the cooperation with key stakeholders, including international and European institutions (EU, CoE), senior religious leaders, ecumenical and faith-based partners. She develops and leads the projects within the strategic programmes and in close collaboration with the member Movements in most countries in Europe.

Previously, Natia held a senior position within a Research Foundation Ahref in Italy, developing strategic partnerships and large-scale projects within the European Commission funding programmes. She worked as an Interreligious Programme Coordinator for a national human rights organisation in Georgia and as a Project Manager for the European Council of Religious Leaders. In parallel, Natia is a member of the Conference of European Churches Working Group on Human Rights and a Core Team member of the Female Religious Leaders’ network. Her academic and research background is in diplomacy, political and social sciences.

Emina Frljak

Emina Frljak is a Program Coordinator within Youth for Peace (Bosnia and Herzegovina). She is also a member of the International Youth Committee of Religions for Peace since August 2019. Her academic background is in educational sciences, interreligious studies, and peacebuilding. Her area of work and interest are peace education, interreligious dialogue, and religious literacy. Lately, her interest is focused also on using social media for educational and campaigning purposes, with special emphasis on countering hate speech. Since January 2021 Emina is doing her KAICIID International Fellows Program, which is focused on equipping religious leaders, civil society actors, and academics in the field of interreligious and intercultural dialogue.

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