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The Mahāyāna New Year is different for each country and tradition. Some  Mahāyāna Buddhists celebrate it on December 31 or January 1 along with the rest of the world. Others wait for the first full moon which usually falls mid-January: in 2022 this is January 18th. Mahāyāna Buddhists will celebrate by honoring and praying to their gods, particularly Buddha. Buddha’s statues will also be bathed as a show of respect. Religious songs are also offered to the deities. Buddhists are expected to visit a nearby temple on New Years Day. Once there, they light candles to bring happiness and good luck for the coming year.

Mahayana Buddhism is the dominant faith of Northern and Eastern parts of Asia including China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia and Tibet.  Mahāyāna Buddhism is more commonly practiced in Europe among immigrants from the countries where it is practiced. Among the key traditions include Zen, Tiantai, Korean Seon, Chinese Chan, Pure Land and Nichiren.

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