Our Mission

The mission of Religions for Peace Europe is to advance multireligious cooperation among Europe's religious communities for peace, while preserving and respecting religious differences.

Our Vision

Multireligious cooperation and action that focuses on supporting social, environmental, and economic justice, and peaceful and harmonious societies and communities across Europe. A cooperation between religious communties and leaders which includes but also goes beyond dialogue and bears fruit in common concrete action.

Our diverse religious networks draw upon their deeply held and widely shared moral concerns, such as transforming violent conflict; gender inequality; environmental degradation; threats to the freedom of thought, conscience and religion; lack of interreligious understanding; and the shrinking space for civil society and multilateralism.

Our Structure

We work towards our vision with the commitment of members from four regional co-committees: European Council of Religious Leaders, European National Interreligious Bodies, European Women of Faith Network and European Interfaith Youth Network. Each co-committee has representation on Religion for Peace Europe’s Board. We work closely with all our national and local Religions for Peace affiliates across Europe; who are integral to the movement.

Religions for Peace Europe is the regional affiliate of the global Religions for Peace movement. Accredited to the United Nations, RfP is the world’s largest and most representative multi-religious coalition, advancing common action for peace since 1970.