EIYN Resources

Since 2020 EIYN has been working on a series of projects and campaigns to counter Hate Speech, including the Speech for Change project in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania.

And since 2021 we have been working with partners UNICEF European office and the University of Winchester (Centre of Religion, Reconciliation and Peace) to support research and develop resources to tackle online hate speech against migrants and refugees, specifically through engaging young people and networks of faith. This project is currently being piloted in Italy, Bulgaria and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Please find below the CHARM toolkit ‘Identifying, Understanding and Countering Hate Speech Against Refugees and Migrants: An Evidence Based Toolkit’

The CHARM toolkit draws on academic work, practical initiatives, and social media listening techniques to help develop logical and effective methods for countering hate speech aimed specifically at migrants and refugees.

The rationale behind this toolkit is that the better we understand the dominant negative narratives in our own context about
migrants and refugees, the more relevant and effective we can make campaigns and alternative narratives to help support
and protect men, women and children on the move across Europe.

Therefore, the toolkit guides users through a three-step process to assist in Identifying, Understanding and then Countering
hate speech against migrants and refugees online.