The European Council of Religious Leaders (ECRL) – Religions for Peace Europe, met together with advisers and esteemed guests in Berlin 11-13 December 2023.

The main topic of discussion concerned “Religions as a Divider or Connector in European Societies and Communities”. ECRL hosted from Ukraine, Professor Olena Bogdan, who briefed members with important information and insights into the situation in Ukraine after the terroristic and ongoing invasion of the country by Russia.

At the meeting ECRL adopted a Strategy for 2024-2027. See attachment here:

ECRL Strategy 2024-27 Final

The ECRL came together at a very politically charged time, with the situation in the Middle East and the Holy Land or in the Ukraine. Once again, however, it proved how important it is that members have already travelled a path together as members of the ECRL and will continue to do so, even as people with sometimes very different convictions and views.

ECRL President Thomas Wipf reflected, “For me, it was also an intense and emotional spiritual event to experience [the challenging dialogue]”

Please see attachment downloadable here the declaration from this meeting.