The Congress on Religious Freedom, Peace, and Development took place at both the United Nations (UN) and the University of Geneva from September 15-16, 2023. The event was organized by Ziu Association International, a non-profit academic organization dedicated to disseminating research and projects that yield a positive societal impact.

Prof. Dr. Joan Hernández Serret, Secretary General of Religions for Peace Europe, delivered a speech titled “Climate Change Migration and Religious Freedom.” He explored the topic of “Migration and Religion: Opportunities and Challenges for Building a Culture of Peace” alongside various panel experts.

He addressed in particular the migration processes caused by climate change, which have a great impact in already affected countries. Here, he emphasised the interfaith responsibility in the fight against climate change. This can be done through education and interfaith community work. Interfaith cooperation can thus contribute to addressing and combating ubiquitous problems together. For this, cooperation with the political level as well as with scientific experts is also of great importance. Religions for Peace sees great potential in the area of combating climate change if the young generation in particular is involved.

In immediate projects, Religions for Peace advocates for cooperation at the level of civil society in order to address global issues such as climate, flight and migration.