On behalf of the four Co-Presidents and their respective co-committee memberships, alongside the Secretary General and staff team, we are extremely pleased to announce that Religions for Peace Europe is officially registered as a non-profit association in Germany.

Bringing together the four entities (European Women of Faith Network led by President Kaveri Cantoni, European Council of Religious Leaders led by President Rev. Dr Thomas Wipf, European Interfaith Youth Network led by President Daniel Eror, European National Interreligious Bodies led by President Dr Luigi De Salvia) into one legally registered body re-endorses Religions for Peace reputation as the largest and most representative multireligious platform in the world.

Each of the four co-committees bring their own members and rich histories to the new Religious for Peace Europe regional body, and more effective sharing of resources, expertise, networks and communication, will help continue to enhance Religions for Peace Europe’s work, impact and sustainability.

The newly appointed Board represented by members of the four co-committees, elected Rev. Dr Thomas Wipf to serve as President and Professor Mark Owen to serve as Secretary General.

“It is a huge honour to be asked to serve as Secretary General of the new Religions for Peace Europe organisation. Bringing together our esteemed European Council of Religious Leaders, with Religions for Peace National Interreligious Bodies, and the European Interfaith Women and Youth networks reaffirms our status as the largest, most effective, and representative multireligious body in Europe. I am looking forward to working with all our members to ensure we realise our huge potential, and make a real contribution to tackling the significant challenges communities across Europe and the world face together in today’s world”.

Professor Owen is supported by a growing secretariat working remotely across Europe, including Rebecca Bellamy as Operations and Governance Manager, Peter Jörgensen as Partnerships Development Officer and Johanna Tannen as Project and Administration Officer.

Religions for Peace comprises of almost 100 national member associations and six regional Inter-Religious bodies- including Religions for Peace Europe, alongside Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East and North Africa. Religions for Peace was founded in 1970 and has been accredited as a non-governmental organization with the United Nations since 1973.

Religions for Peace was awarded the “Pro Humanitate” European Culture Prize in Lindau, Germany in October 2021. This award, granted by the Pro Europa Cultural Foundation, is presented annually to individuals and organizations who have contributed to a unified Europe through compassionate service to all persons. Recipients of this award embody the idea that Europe’s strength lies in respect for human dignity.

Religions for Peace Europe has a new office next to the Brandenburg gate in Berlin, a base from which we will continue to engage civil society and governmental actors in the largest most representative multireligious movement for peace in the world.